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Bitbox Bitcoin ATM

Bitbox ATM's provide your customers with the fastest way to buy Bitcoin

Bitbox opens the market for any business owner who wants to start a ground floor, revenue-generating cash business with limited knowledge or tech skills. Bitcoin ATM's provide customers with cryptocurrency immediately to purchase goods worldwide. Other exchanges and means to buy Bitcoin are difficult and can take up to a week to receive.

Bitbox Franchise Best

Bitbox handles every aspect of your new Bitcoin ATM business

In the past, Bitcoin ATM operators have gotten confused about the technological requirements and need for a network of providers. Bitbox handles all of that for you. We find your location, install your machine and take care of all compliance and regulations. You simply purchase a Bitbox package and sit back and relax.

Bitbox Bitcoin ATM
Bitbox Bitcoin ATM

Partner Program

  • One-stop shop with no further, ongoing royalties
  • Pre-qualified, high traffic locations provided
  • Site lease negotiation and contract management 
  • Machine maintenance support
  • Delivery and professional secure installation
  • Legal Compliance coverage and assistance
  • Complete set-up and portal configuration
  • Extensive online web marketing 
  • Ongoing continued superior support

Get in on the Ground Floor of the Exploding Bitcoin ATM Market with no Technical Knowledge or Experience

bitcoin atm cash

Immediate Income

Start generating revenue as soon as your first Bitbox is installed.

Home-based Business

Make money from the comfort of your home, even while you sleep.

Turn-key Franchise

Bitbox takes care of all the in’s and out’s with knowledge, set-up and support. Very low overhead. No employees necessary.

Exploding Industry

Bitcoin ATM's are generating $10,000 - $30,000 in transactions per month with some even producing up to $300,000.

This Cutting Edge, International, Explosive Opportunity Can be Yours for Far Less than You Imagine

Are you looking for an easy to operate, high income, ALL CASH, ground floor business opportunity?
Does the thought of being the first person providing a service thousands are already screaming for and millions more will need capture your imagination?
Would a passive, regular, cash income improve your lifestyle, enhance your retirement, or help you reach your financial goals?

How It Works

Bitbox Gets Installed

Bitbox installs your Bitcoin ATM at a verified location. Our Market Research Department finds locations in your area based on our proven criteria and sends them to you. Once approved, our locations team coordinates the installation of your Bitbox.

Customer Uses ATM

Customers put their cash into your machine and the system provides them with Bitcoin. Purchasing Bitcoin privately on exchanges is difficult and often impossible. Customers seek out Bitcoin ATM's in their area to make this purchase much faster and easier.

You Make a Fee

Supplying the customer with the convenience of purchasing Bitcoin for cash comes with a high transaction fee. Our Bitbox owners charge up to 20% of the overall transaction amount. Bitcoin ATM's bring in $10,000, $20,000 and even $300,000 per month nationwide.

It's That Simple!

Bitbox owners keep track of their Bitcoin ATM's through Bitbox's custom software in the comfort of their home. Simply log into your personal Bitbox account and see exactly how much money you are making each and every day, even while you sleep!

Benefits Of Bitbox

Preferred Pricing

Bitbox is your one-stop shop for Bitcoin ATM ownership with no further ongoing royalties.

Further Maintenance

Bitbox completes all initial and helps with ongoing maintenance for your Bitcoin ATM.

Premium Locations

Bitbox provides you with pre-qualified high traffic locations to place your Bitcoin ATM.

Superior Support

Bitbox will be readily available whenever you need questions answered or issues solved.


Installation & Setup

Bitbox installs your machine at the agreed upon location and completes all set up.

Ads & Marketing

Bitbox markets your location to the masses through the online Bitcoin ATM web network.

Legal & Compliance

This industry involves vast regulations. Bitbox handles all compliance for your machine.


Cash Pickup Services

If desired, receive cash pick up services from our selected armored truck program.

Contact Us
Bitbox Bitcoin ATM

Toll Free: 1-877-4BITBOX
Email: info@bitboxatm.com

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Have a Bitbox Business Consultant call you at a convenient time.

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